CI - symbol mark

Naju-si Flag represents distinctive features of Naju. The annual ring means the rich history, economy and culture and the blue stream below stands for Mt. Yeongsan and the rosy future of developing Naju. The two rings implies that citizens and government are united to achieve a common goal and also stands for Naju pear, the special product of Naju city.

symbol mark



Pear Blossom

City Flower / Pear Blossom

Pear is the representative special product of Naju. It also symbolizes the purehearted Naju citizens. Besides, as the flowers bloom and fall altogether, it represents the commitment and spirit of unity of citizens.

Gingko Tree

City Tree / Gingko Tree

It implies the strong, firm will and mild, generous heart of Naju citizens


City Bird / Dove

Dove, well-known as a lucky bird with gentle disposition, symbolizes peace, unity of citizens and development of Naju.